About us

199 Biotechnologies is a research and development engine committed to extending human longevity by offering cost-effective rejuvenation therapies to the masses.

Our mission

Our mission is to revolutionise healthcare model by creating cutting-edge technologies that mimic Nature's design processes. We endeavour to expedite the integration of these innovations into commercial products by establishing strategic clinical partnerships, ultimately generating a positive, near-term impact on the world.

Our model

We utilise a distinctive method of transferring technology from academia to the real world. Innovations developed in our research labs are enhanced and the risks are reduced, both technically and financially, by our expert Technology and Business Development teams. These technologies are then granted to newly-established startups or existing industry collaborators to create immediate, beneficial effects on a global scale.

Our team at 199

Boris Djordjevic

Chief Executive Officer

Emad Moeendarbary

Chief Scientific Officer

Sabrina Al-Sayed


Seb Alam



Advisory team

Aubrey de Grey

Industry Advisor

João Pedro de Magalhães

Scientific Advisor

Edouard Debonneuil

In-Vivo Testing Advisor

Victor Bjork

Industry Expert

Bianca Serwinski

Clinical Trials

Our values

At 199 Biotechnologies, we recognise the power of collaboration and understand that true innovation arises when diverse viewpoints unite to address challenges. As such, we are dedicated to fostering and maintaining an inclusive and interconnected culture both within and beyond the laboratory. In our recruitment process, we embrace the distinct contributions you bring, encompassing factors such as education, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nationality, age, languages spoken, veteran status, religion, disability, and sexual orientation. We value these diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as they enrich our work atmosphere and prove crucial to our mission of tackling complex issues through the development and translation of innovative technologies in the longevity arena.

Join us

Join the 199 Biotechnologies community, where we focus on practical longevity! We bring together exceptional individuals from a wide array of backgrounds, disciplines, industries, and institutions. Our inclusive and collaborative culture encourages team members to share their insights and challenge conventional thinking, ultimately driving the creation of groundbreaking solutions that revolutionise the field of longevity and make a lasting impact on the world.