• 199 to present at the 10th ARDD Conference

    We are excited to announce that 199 Biotechnologies will be participating in the 10th annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery (ARDD) conference from August 28-September 1, 2023. The ARDD conference, recognized as a global hub for innovations in aging research and therapeutics, has shown year-over-year growth, drawing thousands of participants worldwide. In this year’s gathering, 199 Biotechnologies looks forward to sharing its advancements in the development of cost-effective rejuvenation therapies that aim to extend human longevity.

    199 Biotechnologies, with its mission of revolutionising healthcare through cutting-edge, nature-mimicking technologies, is committed to making a near-term, global impact in the longevity arena. Our participation at the ARDD conference showcases our dedicated research into reprogramming aging cells by altering various cellular processes linked to aging.


    As a global platform for academic researchers, industry leaders, startups, and venture capitalists, ARDD offers us a unique opportunity to engage with the foremost experts in the field and explore potential partnerships. Our team at 199 Biotechnologies is thrilled to share our latest breakthroughs and insights into the complexities of aging. By focusing on targeted and precise methods of cellular reprogramming, we aim to bring effective interventions for age-related diseases to the forefront.


    Join us at ARDD 2023 to learn more about our work and dedication to improve overall health in aging individuals. The quest to combat aging continues, and we remain enthusiastic in contributing to the scientific community’s collective effort. For further information about our presentation and participation at ARDD, please contact us directly.


    More info or register at agingpharma.org.

  • $6.5M Seed Funding for Epigenetic Anti-Ageing Therapy

    London-based startup 199 Biotechnologies announced today that it has secured $6.5M (£5.25M) in seed funding from a group of London-based private investors focused on Longevity & Biomedical Innovation. The funding will support the development of their novel therapy that aims to reverse ageing phenotype in cells through epigenetic reprogramming, with the goal of enhancing overall healthspan and quality of life.


    Founded by Boris Djordjevic, 199 Biotechnologies collaborates with scientists from various institutions, including University College London (UCL), to advance the field of biogerontology, the research into ageing. The company’s research focuses on optimising the delivery of reprogramming factors to cells, bridging the gap between laboratory discoveries and clinical applications.


    199 Biotechnologies’ Scientific Advisory Board comprises experts in genetics, reprogramming and microfluidics, providing valuable guidance and insights.


    Boris Djordjevic, CEO of 199 Biotechnologies, shared his optimism about the company’s progress, saying, “We are committed to deliver accessible therapies to significantly reduce the burden of ageing and extend both healthspan and maximum lifespan.”


    About 199 Biotechnologies:

    199 Biotechnologies is a biotech firm dedicated to developing advanced solutions to reverse the ageing phenotype in cells through epigenetic reprogramming. Collaborating with scientists from renowned institutions, the company harnesses its expertise in microfluidics to accelerate the development of innovative therapies that can enhance healthspan and overall quality of life. For more information, visit 99.bio/.