199 Biotechnologies offers an exciting opportunity to be part of groundbreaking scientific research that is reshaping the future of healthcare. As a team member, you will have the chance to contribute to cutting-edge fields such as partial cellular reprogramming, autophagy, gene therapy, and novel microfluidic organ-on-a-chip technologies. Our commitment to scientific excellence is matched by a dynamic work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. With competitive compensation packages and ample opportunities for professional growth, join us in revolutionising healthcare through pioneering advancements at the forefront of cellular biology and regenerative medicine.

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We are currently seeking talented individuals to join our dynamic team. If you are passionate about making a difference in the field of cellular reprogramming in the context of aging, we have the following opportunities available:


Bioinformatician - Genetic and Epigenetic Analysis

  • Position: Full-time, PostDoc+ level.
  • Experience in aging clocks is preferred.
  • We prioritize the person over the CV, so all motivated and passionate candidates are encouraged to apply.

Viral Scientist - Transfection and mRNA Research

  • Position: Full-time, PostDoc+ level.
  • Experience in virus transfection, mRNA, and CMV is desired.
  • We value active and efficient individuals who can leverage technology and AI tools to enhance and expedite their work.

Research Group Leader - Interdisciplinary Aging Research

  • Full-time position.
  • Developing and implementing novel experimental approaches, technologies, or therapeutic interventions to advance our understanding of aging and its implications for human health.
  • Desired experience in diverse areas such as engineering, medicine, aging, and biology.

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